Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Crib!

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My favourite part of the crib being set up was the delivery man wondering if Restoration Hardware had sent me a defective crib because of all the marks on it. He realized once it was all together that it was likely the intended look. I'm thinking he doesn't have a lot of antique inspired distressed furniture in his home. He was very sweet about his concern and I assured him this was exactly how it should look.

I'm not using the greatest photos today because I'm about to crawl back into bed and nurse my cold. However I finally learned that if I turn the lights off and use my flash the room actually looks close to the colour it is and not cream, although with no natural light it's looking greyish in these. Ah, well you can't win them all!

For the rest of the day I'm going to be in bed. I don't know the last time I was sick (other than my girl parts acting up), and I'm being a big wuss. I woke up in a pool of my own sweat at 4am and after showering quickly vacuumed and cleaned my house up. I'm not sure anyone else does this but right at the on set of not feeling well I scrub my house clean so I can lie around and relax the rest of the day without having to look at anything out of place. I can really only relax in a clean house. My girlfriend has three kids and the cleanest house I've ever been in. On days when I need to scrub my house in under an hour I think of her ability to do so with three kids trailing after her and a house 6 times the size as my condo. Makes my measly little job seem like paradise.

Today is actually the perfect day to feel stuffed up and crappy. Outside it is stormy and my hanging flower baskets are swinging to and fro. Being sick on a cold and rainy day when I have nowhere to be is pretty ideal.

So their you have our new crib. I love it and I think it looks good in the space. I was sad to see the canopy crib go but I do love this as an alternative. As you all know I have a huge obsession with 'I Love Lucy', and when little Ricky's nursery was revealed the other day I realized how much I love vintage nursery's. There is something both classic and comforting about them. My nursery is my favourite room in the house and with the big fluffy rug it's actually quite fun to lounge around in there reading (possible to our three cats, but I'm not admitting to anything).



  1. feel better! I agree, when you are sick being cozy inside on a rainy day is a good way to do it ;-)

  2. I do the exact same thing...once I feel a sickness coming on I start cleaning like a mad women so I can take it easy.

    PS- love the crib!!!!

  3. Oh, it's just so pretty!

  4. I love it!! But then I think I just love your taste in general. :)

    Btw, your beautiful crib reminds me of H's big girl bed.

  5. Thanks everyone!! I really do love it. ♥ It's grown on me in spite of my stubbornness. ; )


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