Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Winter Distractions

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I'm someone who loves winter. I love snow and the crisp cold. I love Christmas music which I play over and over to an annoying degree (like right now), and fresh baked goods that fill the house with the scent of cinnamon. I am addicted to the month of December!!

This year it comes as a wonderful distraction. We are #31 on the list (and for our age request there are approx 10 above us with the same) and I am loving the distraction of Christmas cheer. We are not expecting the call before this year is up but it feels amazing to finally see an end in sight.

This year I told Doug I wanted to stay home for Christmas. I didn't want to be running around like every other year taking the bus, catching the ferry, and moving from house to house. Honestly, while I love my family I just want a quiet Christmas this year! A quiet Christmas which will likely be the last Christmas without tiny foot steps and giggles running through our house. I feel like we are nearing the edge of this life changing event and I rather want to revel in it.

Christmas to me is not only a celebration of Jesus but a celebration of a very magical year. We had a lot on our plate this year and I am thankful for all the wonderful moments experienced within the challenges. We are such lucky people.

As I snuggle in front of my fireplace I had to look up pictures of amazing fireplaces! Don't they look amazing and cozy? I could happily drink hot cocoa and read a book in front of any of them!

Jessa xx

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  1. I really enjoyed the pictures of fire places. I <3 fireplaces! I also love winter and am addicted to December. I'm so very excited for you and all the wonderfulness on its way!

  2. Somehow my gas fire place doesn't come close to a real, wood-burning fireplace! I love the 2nd and the last pictures the best...sigh.


  3. Thanks Wendy!! I love fire places too!!! ♥

    Ruth I have a gas fireplace too and you're right it just doesn't compare. Those are my faves too! I also like the white "Marie Antoinette" style one in the 5th. ; )


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