Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I Forgot About The Pretty

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I haven't posted much on pretty things lately but this house inspired me. My house has been in a bit of disarray lately and looking at these pictures has prompted me to further de-clutter and organize. I have in my hands 38 pages of my book. I've been re-writing and editing and while working on that my laundry is piled up in a large embarrassing pile. I do laundry everyday and I haven't done a load in 4 days! Eeek! When I get behind on my house organizing I look at beautiful houses like the one above and it inspires me to catch up and enjoy the tranquility of a clean spotless house. Bliss...

Jessa xx

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  1. OK, seriously, Jessa - you simply cannot have a big and embarrassing pile of laundry after only four days...even with two people's discards. It's just not possible...or I'm just that used to having big and embarrassing piles of laundry in my house!

    On another note entirely, good on you for getting so much of your book done!!! That's awesome!! Who cares about de-cluttering and laundry - write the book!!


  2. Thanks for sharing those! You are inspiring me. I love those windows and that gorgeous outdoor table on the porch.

  3. How rediculously delicious is that house! Love the white on white, even the snow conspires in the lovliness :)

    Yay booky book! Cannot wait.

  4. Hi Jessa, I was looking at my very first blog post and noticed you were one of the first bloggers to visit!! I love your blog and congrats on your adoption journey too!! That is wonderful! Hugs, Rachel *French Farmhouse 425*


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