Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Black and White Inspired

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I have a deep love for black and white. There is something so visually calming about it for me and I tend to feel my mind very much at ease in a black and white room. I decided to redo our living room. We've only redone the living room once since we moved in and I'm very excited for the couch we ordered to arrive at the beginning of Feb and our new book shelf! I'm going for a black and white Chanel inspired feel. Something comfortable but elegant.

One of my favourite visual movies is Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky. The movie itself is rather soulless and empty but the interior design and fashion is breathtaking. Her sense of style fills the screen and I have watched the movie once with subtitles and once without despite only understanding 50% of the french. Even then the scenery was enough to keep me captivated. Her home has not only a contemporary feel but something of a Tim Burton bizarreness to it. I love the Gothic undertones in the bedroom with the graphic wallpaper. The whole house has an aura of elegance and surprise.

I'm taking inspiration from the movie as well as a London townhouse that's pallet leaves me drooling. I know they are not for everyone but the one thing I love about each photo is that they are visually striking. If nothing else they leave an impression!

I'm planning on sharing photos of Coco Chanel's Paris apartment later this week as well as what I hope to be a glimpse into her very inspiring life. She changed much more than just the world of fashion and as one of her biggest fans I look forward to sharing some of her philosophy and how it helped change society and women's roles within it.

For those on my facebook who read my status on Friday sharing that vital statistics informed me my marriage is not registered thank you for your support! This has been a huge headache but the church we were married at faxed our signatures to vital statistics this morning and hopefully things will start moving now. I have paper work to collect and work to be done but I'm hoping in the next month or so we will be able to joyfully announce that after 6 years of marriage we are officially legally married!! Mistakes happen and while the timing is rather horrendous we are grateful to the church, our minister, and vital statistics for understanding the urgency in this situation. We are also thank you for all of your support! I was rather shocked by the phone call and I look forward to having an extra anniversary to celebrate!

J xx

images by Elle Decor and movie stills by Sony Classics


  1. I absolutely love black and white too! I love how simple and beautiful it is. I'm really glad to hear things are working out with the challenges :) Have a great day!

  2. I LOVE Black and white.. The pictures are awesome Jess... makes me want to watch an old movie.. :)


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