Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm trying (and new nursery update)

It's Odin's favourite room and was impossible to get a shot of it without him
The shelves are from Restoration Hardware. I love the brackets!
I made a birds nest and named the bird Iris. Ya, that's right. I named the bird. I"ve even had some rather riveting conversations with good ole Iris.
My mom made these for Christmas. Aren't they the sweetest!!
Tadaa! Shelving done!
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I'm trying. That's the main thing right? Giving it the old college try?

Alright, I have a little confession for everyone... I'm having a hard time. There I said it (or wrote it) but the point remains. I'm struggling over here folks. I used to love waking up in the morning and perusing the internet for inspiration and writing my blog. I used to love working on my book. Now, I'm pretty slow on the uptake for both those things. I figured rather than pressure myself to write a stellar blog entry I'd just ramble for a bit, hit publish, and at least get the ball rolling.

I do have good news to share though too so it's not all sad over here. Our marriage certificate arrived a couple weeks ago and we are now legally married! Only 6.5 years after our actual wedding but the main thing is it was fixable and we are legal! Our dossier arrived in Ontario last week and should be heading to Ethiopia in the next month or so. That's pretty awesome!!

As news of our agency being bought out has subsided I'm trying to be optimistic. I am still truly sad that all the people who have worked tirelessly on our behalf the last four years will not be completing this journey with all of us. More change I suppose, and to be honest I'm just not good with change at the moment.

Doug and I have our trip booked to New York this spring! I'm very excited as we have long needed a vacation.

Other than that I'm trying to find my way back to the land of inspiration. I really love writing but I've felt so beaten down the last couple months that it has been hard to find it. After Tim died there was so much adoption crap to get done I didn't have time for it all to sink in. Now that our dossier is complete and life is relatively still the reality and shock of his death has settled over us and it's harder. There's nothing to distract us from the aftermath. I miss him.

I'm going away tomorrow to stay with my mom for some new scenery. I hope next week I'll be a bit more awake and excited about the future. I know this will all take time and in the mean time, I'm trying.

J xx

Above are the new shelves for our nursery. Aside from curtains, I am now almost finished!


  1. Hope you have a refreshing and restorative time at your mom's place. The nursery is delightful - the dolls are so sweet, and I am a fan of Iris - of course she needed a name (much better than saying "hey, you!" every time you have a chat with her)...

  2. Very cute nursery! The dolls are lovely, as is Iris!
    Have a much needed pampering at your Moms. They are the best for taking care of us, aren't they?

    I hope your dossier takes flight soon :)


  3. keep your head up girl! The nursery is BEAUTIFUL!

  4. What a lucky baby to come home to such a beautiful room!

  5. Change is so difficult. I hope that time with your mom leaves you feeling much better. Moms are good for that :)

  6. I love the shelves. Very cute. It's okay to have a rough time and it's even more okay to admit it.
    Thinking of you
    Nat xx

  7. Oh, that room is gorgeous. Coming to your blog from a thread on BlogFrog. Love the bird's younger daughter's middle name is Iris!

    I have not read more than this post, for now...but hang in there, with whatever's bringing you down.


  8. I love the pictures, but even more - I love hearing that you are officially married now! Way to go! ;)

  9. Your nursery is gorgeous! We too are in the adoption process with E and I saw your note in SIF. I'd love to contact you more directly, I have tons of questions. Pretty please!! Email me or tweet and I'll give you my phone number.


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