Monday, September 19, 2011

We Pray Together

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We have been very fortunate these past few years to be part of an amazing and supportive adoption community. When Imagine Adoption went bankrupt out of necessity we all bonded together and struggled for a resolution. After it was rescued we continued to bond together over our mutual understanding, friendship, and love.

Last week one of our wonderful fellow adoptive families was torn apart tragically. A beautiful new mother who had been with her son for only 4 months died very suddenly. In times like this when our community is mourning together I realize how thankful I am for all of you.

I am grateful that we celebrate, laugh, cry, and grieve together. I love that in times like this I don't have to explain why this has torn out my heart, a lovely woman I never met, just simply that it has. I am so thankful for all of you and so thankful that through this process I have met so many amazing people all over Canada. I may not have hugged, or touched most of you but all you have made a profound impact on my life just the same.

I am so heartbroken for this family, and their beautiful one year old son. I am sending all my love, strength and prayers to her husband and son and all of those who loved her. I am sending prayers to our beautiful community and hoping all of you know how thankful I am that we laugh, cry, morn, and pray together.

All My Love, J xx

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  1. What a tragedy. That is so sad. Praying for the family. You are right - isn't it wonderful to have that feeling of love.
    Have a pretty day,


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