Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Those Who Fought, Those Who Worked & Those Who Prayed.

Related Posts with Thumbnails I have been home now for three weeks and not a day has gone by when I haven't felt extreme gratitude for those who fought, those who worked, and those who prayed for us during our journey. I've always had a natural affinity for the fleur de lis (I'm a french girl through and through) and love that it represents those three elements. So to all of you who were part of this process, I thank you. I thank you from a place so deep in my heart, and I hope somehow my gratitude reaches you.

 I am one of the lucky ones. I am finished this process and in my arms is the most precious little boy who brightens up our world at every turn. I have spent the last few months being a mom and that has been an immense gift. One I don't take lightly, and a responsibility I hold quite dear.

 I feel it only fair though as I ramble about my good fortune and happiness to share a secret with you. I've always been lucky. I've always been fortunate. The one thing I have always had is an abundance of love in my life. Without which it would have been unbearable. While at times it of course felt that way, I have ruminated often about the incredible support I've received. I have e-mails from people I haven't seen since High School sharing support. People across this country I've never met but who are also adopting. People who are in no way connected to me but who stumbled across my blog through decorating sites and sent me a note here and there. I feel as though this process and the love sent our way has let me see the best parts of the human spirit which was especially poignant after witnessing some of the worst. I am blessed.

 I thank you, Doug thanks you, and Ozington thanks you. Because of all of you we three found each other. Because of so much outcry, and outreach, our adoption was completed. We can not thank you enough but we will continue to try.

 I must go now as my tiny spark will be waking soon. Please know that every time I look at him I remember. I remember those who fought, those who worked, and those who prayed. He is the happiest little boy you could ever hope to meet and I wish you all to know your efforts will never ever be forgotten. He will always be a reminder of great love, and great hope.

 Much Love, Jessa, Doug & Ozington xxxxxxxx