Friday, November 15, 2013

Moving On

Related Posts with ThumbnailsIt's been a while and frankly it's been a lot. If you are wondering why I've fallen  off the blogging hemisphere it's because I just haven't had the energy. Adjusting to motherhood this past year and half has been an amazing and exhausting ride. Plus four months ago we moved across the country and that has been major. I want to say we're all settled in but we still have some things to do. Plus we just don't feel settled on the inside.

On the bright side we love Toronto. It's a fabulous city (current politics aside) and the people are lovely. We love our house and that has been a real blessing. We have friends and family near by which has made the move a lot easier... Still though. It's hard. It can be really lonely. We miss our friends and family a lot. It's like a big wonderful adventure but you don't get to share it with your loved ones which makes it very bitter sweet. Some days we have a blast and other days we struggle. It's a roller coaster but I've been told it will take a year to really feel comfortable.

With that said I should give a huge thank you to those of you who've done a great job at making us feel welcome here! Believe me it helps. It helps tremendously and your efforts are so deeply appreciated. And to those in Vancouver we miss you. We love you and miss you tons. This is my big virtual hug to you all.

Now back to this pesky blogging business. Since being home with Oz I've been trying to figure out what to write about. I do still have a couple infertility blog ideas in my back pocket (and a huge thank you to the few commenters I've had on old posts of mine this year! Knowing my posts on infertility help alleviate your loneliness a little or help your family understand warms me in ways I can't even express. It is HUGE for me to read. It is everything to me in terms of opening up about my own struggles so thank you from the bottom of my heart!!) However, I don't plan to put too much focus on infertility and adoption but more on pretty things and organizing. One of my favourite things to do is organize and moving has been a wonderful challenge in figuring out new systems. So my blog will become a little more light and frivolous and I do hope all of you will continue to enjoy it.

I have been so thankful to my readership and to the amazing support I've received through this blog. I hope to see much more of you!!

Lots of love, J xx

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  1. I nod my head in agreement to your statement regarding adjustment.
    I know we have not spoken in a very long while.
    Someone asked me a question shortly after bringing Beks home. It was about four months into motherhood.
    The question, " what have I learned?"
    She did not anticipate my answer.
    " I have learned that I am a selfish, and at times a self-centered person."
    This because until Mr. Beks came along, I only had myself to look after. My time, my sleep, my privacy ( eg. bathrooms at the mall) and someone who followed me everywhere, wanting to know where I was at all times.
    Did I mention I live hearing him say, mommy, mama or mom. We both waited a long time to hear thise words.
    Ww need to skype soon to share stories and have our boys see each other.
    We entertained the idea of living near Neils folks in Ontario.
    Actually,we are talking a second adoption with aging angels. And, I told Neil, if his travel continues.....and we have another, we are moving to Ontario.....stay tuned.
    Please email yr skype contact.
    We are in seattle this weekend for some much needed family time. Will write more later.


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