Thursday, January 30, 2014

A cookie sheet, some magnets, and some glue. My new menu planner.

I'm pretty smitten with this project. I was inspired on pintrest by someone who had made a magnetic board for their office from a cookie sheet and I thought it was genius and cheap. And let's face it cheap is always a huge bonus!

I decided to use the idea to make a menu board so with my handy label maker I made some magnets for the days of the week, plus a few extra at the bottom for extras that may need to be added on. I had all these pretty yellow flowers I've been wanting to use for something! 

Then I added the clothes pin and a bag for all my extra menu ideas. I typed them up and printed them on sturdier paper but you could easily save yourself the time and just cut the paper and hand write everything out. That said it is showing up as really dark for some reason but in person I can read the items perfectly clearly. 

I'm going to link up my old menu planner at the bottom because it may work brilliantly for most people. For me I found because it was in my family binder I didn't use it as much. I usually look at my cleaning and laundry schedule before bed just so I know what I need to do or if I have anything to prepare then night before so this for me makes more sense. I like knowing what my jobs are for the next day and it's easier to just glance at this then pull out my binder. 

Let me know what you think? Any cheap organizing ideas that you have found work great?

J xx