Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Easy Peasy Earring Organizing, Simple Drawer Fresheners, and My Favourite Spot in the House!

This is my favourite spot in the house. It's a tiny corner of our tiny bedroom and when I walk into our room it always makes me smile. It holds two of my favourite family pictures and a bowl of summer (ie, lemon potpourri), and some other little goodies I love!

These were two of the first pictures I found for our new house and they were from a thrift store for $6. I love lily of the valley but with three cats lilies are a no no in our home so this is the best I can do. Plus they make me think of Kate Middleton's wedding bouquet and then I feel a little like a princess. I'm not sure I've ever mentioned my hard core love for Kate Middleton whose wardrobe I am obsessed with but there it is. My life long goal to be best friends with the duchess all summed up in a $6 Goodwill find. 

This shelf I found a few years ago at the Sally Ann as well and I still love it. It holds my perfume (and yes I do have Britney Spears perfume. It's ok to judge me. I judge me a little too. ) And two baskets from Ikea that fit perfectly! I love a good basket. 

In basket one is a large collection of antique handkerchiefs that I have wrapped around lavender and rose petals to make drawer fresheners and a couple extra flat drawer ones. The flat ones work great for travelling and you can also use the perfume samples in magazines as well for a quick easy way to keep your clothes smelling good! 

Cute and nice smelling. This one is made from my Oma's handkerchief. Sentimental and useful!

The second basket is my jewelry holder. The Tiffany box holds some larger earring I rarely wear and the silver one holds my sentimental jewelry safe and contained. The faux egg cart if my favourite though!

With nine little spaces all my frequently worn earring fit in here. This was $2 from Michael's and worth every penny! You could easily do this with an actual egg carton or if you want something fancier Anthropoligie has some very cute ceramic ones. And as for my stud earrings...

I keep them together with buttons. Cheap and convenient buttons! Cute and easy to grab. Easy to pack too. The ones on the end Doug got me for Christmas. Aren't they ridiculously cute?!

So that is my easy Peasy Jewelry organizing! How do you store yours? I'd love to hear your ideas in the comments below!

Love, J xxxx
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  1. Very nice. I LOVE the shelf and the earring idea in the buttons is my favourite!!


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